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Peaceful Moments at Colee Hammock Park -173 Years After the Massacre

Recently, Misha and I decided to go to a late lunch/early dinner at Sushi Rock on Las Olas Boulevard. We arrived slightly before the restaurant's opening hour of 4:30 p.m., so we strolled across the street to check out the New River at Colee Hammock Park. Colee Hammock is a very special park not only because it's located in one of Fort Lauderdale's most beautiful areas -- just a few blocks of off Las Olas among the beautiful older homes in that area -- but because it's a historical site.

Below: History is Tops at Colee Hammock Park off of Las Olas Boulevard

History is Tops at Colee Hammock Park off of Las Olas Boulevard.

Colee Hammock Park is the site of The Cooley Massacre, an incident in which local Native Americans attacked and murdered the women and children at the settlement while the men were away tending to a shipwreck. The attack, as the story goes, was a response to William Cooley's failure, as the area's judge and justice of the peace, to obtain a conviction for the murderers of Creek Indian Chief Alibama. That massacre occurred during the years of the Second Seminole War, the ongoing conflict between Florida's Native American population and the U.S. Government, which wanted the indians west of the Mississippi River.

Below: Snowy Egrets at Colee Hammock Park

.Snowy Egrets at Colee Hammock Park

Today, Colee Hammock Park is peaceful and beautiful, a prime spot for a picnic or a first kiss. And, the park has plenty of benches and single seats to cup your little bum. What's great about the single-person benches, Misha and I agreed, is that there's no where for French guys to sit down and hit on you. We loves it...except for that whole massacre bit!


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